Phiture - How to optimize mobile app subscription with Andy Carvell
Subscription LeagueSeptember 14, 202200:28:46

Phiture - How to optimize mobile app subscription with Andy Carvell

The subscription economy will follow the downturn trend of the regular economy, and app publishers will have to work harder to bring in and keep their next subscribers. Listen to Andy’s recommendations for onboarding and paywall tactics.

As a long-time fan and a collaborator of the consultancy, we invited Andy to Subscription League Podcast for the second time to draw tips for optimizing mobile app subscriptions.

Andy is a Partner and Co-founder at Phiture, a multi-award-winning mobile growth agency and one of the top 100 fastest-growing agencies worldwide. If you are occasionally seeking advice on topics around subscription optimization and growth, you might already be familiar with Andy's expertise, often referred to by the In-App Subscription community. 

In the first episode of the podcast series, All about Retention, Andy shares some valuable insights on how to boost retention. This time, he focuses on paywall practice recommendations for the entire subscription journey and four escalating levels of subscriber intent.

For noteworthy quotes and key takeaways from the episode, read the article - How to optimize mobile app subscription with Andy Carvell (Phiture)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • Subscription economy reality check
  • An average number of subscriptions per person
  • The escalating sequence of intent 
  • Is it a good idea to offer promo codes?
  • Growth tactics: paywall 
  • Onboarding tactics of Fastic app
  • Setting the price for the lifetime subscription 
  • Phiture & Purchasely event details (Berlin, October 5th)

More about Andy Carvell

Andy has over 20 years of experience in the mobile industry. His company Phiture, is a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy and agency co-founded in 2016 with Moritz Daan with over 110 employees. Phiture consults clients around the globe on mobile growth topics, helping them develop and implement holistic mobile growth strategies.

Prior to Phiture, Andy led the user retention team at SoundCloud in Berlin. Andy published the Mobile Growth Stack in 2015, widely adopted as an essential framework for mobile marketers, which he continues to develop.

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00:22 Introducing Andy Carvell 

00:43 Andy and Phiture's background 

01:30 How the subscription economy is doing 

02:44 How many subscriptions does an individual user have? 

04:20 Questions app publishers should be able to answer 

06:33 How long it takes users to go from installation to subscription 

09:38 How to interact with users 

11:28 How do you pick your strategic objectives? 

14:28 Escalating sequence of intent 

17:40 Do you offer promo codes or discounts? 

18:34 Growth tactics: paywall 

22:51 Free vs premium products 

24:16 Setting price for the lifetime subscription 

27:23 Phiture & Purchasely event details