PhotoRoom - How to grow a subscription app business and its user base globally by Olivier Lemarié
Subscription LeagueMarch 01, 202300:25:52

PhotoRoom - How to grow a subscription app business and its user base globally by Olivier Lemarié

From implementing the test culture to leveraging TikTok to grow the user base, learn from one of the best growth experts, Olivier Lemarié, VP of Growth at PhotoRoom, a popular photo editing app.

With over 50 million installs and a growing number of paying subscribers, PhotoRoom is scaling quickly across multiple markets across the globe. In our conversation, Olivier shares his insights on growth strategies in gaming and utilities, the challenges of scaling across markets, and the importance of experimentation and community-building.

We discuss how subscription-based utility apps like PhotoRoom defer from gaming apps that rely on one-time in-app purchases and user acquisition.

We also explore the challenges of scaling a business across multiple markets and how PhotoRoom is applying agile testing and learnings from one market to another.

Olivier also shares how PhotoRoom leverages TikTok content creators for user acquisition and emphasizes the importance of giving team members strong ownership and trust, making experimentation easy, and understanding the culture and needs of different markets.

Tuen in to learn more about PhotoRoom’s journey to grow its global footprint.

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • What is PhotoRoom
  • Market targeting and business strategies when growing an app internationally
  • TV apps vs. Photo editing and utility apps
  • PhotoRoom’s challenges ahead
  • Leveraging TikTok content for user acquisition
  • Growth tips for utility apps
  • Balancing ownership in a team 

More about Olivier

Currently VP Growth at PhotoRoom, the leading AI photo-editing app for resellers, small businesses, and marketplaces, Olivier has been leading revenue and user base growth since 2020. Recently, PhotoRoom has reached 50 million installs, has millions of active users and several hundred thousand paying subscribers.

Prior to joining PhotoRoom, Olivier was heading Molotov marketing operations, a TV streaming app used by millions of french households and recently acquired by Fubo and he led the monetization strategy of Wooga, the Berlin-based mobile gaming studio.

Olivier’s Links

  1. PhotoRoom website
  2. Olivier's Twitter
  3. Olivier's Linkedin


0:00 Welcome to the Subscription League 

0:20 Olivier Lemarié introduction 

0:50 The PhotoRoom editing app 

2:59 Olivier's background and journey 

3:44 Growth for utility vs gaming apps 

4:49 Olivier's experience at Molotov vs Photo Room 

8:04 Core challenges at PhotoRoom 

9:30 PhotoRoom's test culture 

11:32 PhotoRoom's value and retention with users 

13:15 How PhotoRoom leverages TikTok content 

18:07 Olivier's advice for growth 

22:23 Balancing ownership in a team 

23:20 What is PhotoRoom's North Star Metric? 

24:20 Where to learn more about Olivier and PhotoRoom 

25:15 Wrap Up 

25:26 Thank you for listening!