MobileGroove - The Subscription Model - the State, Benefits, and Success Tips by Peggy Anne Salz
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MobileGroove - The Subscription Model - the State, Benefits, and Success Tips by Peggy Anne Salz

Subscriptions boomed during the pandemic. With the unpredictable economy, what seemed to be a temporary buzz will likely stick around and evolve into an integral part of our lifestyle. Hear from a writer, analyst, consultant, and podcast host, Peggy Anne Salz about the state of the subscription economy, its benefits, and how apps can succeed with the business model.

We are steering down the barrel of recession, but consumers’ appetite for subscriptions will likely continue to develop, and an increasing number of subscription businesses will share the pleasure. 

  1. Subscriptions account for 82% of revenue regenerated on average by non-gaming apps. 
  2. In the U.S., the annual spending on top subscription apps in the Apple App Store increased by ⅓ over a year, reaching 6 billion in 2021. Revenues on Google Play also rose a massive 78% to reach 2.5 billion the same year. 

What’s driving the rise of Subscription models?

  • For consumers, it promises lower barriers to entry, convenience to purchase, and access to novel and curated content.
  • For app businesses, it promises monetization and security.

Despite the proven benefits, there are still many challenges that apps struggle with such as the notorious “subscription fatigue.”

Listen to the full episode to learn about the state of the subscription economy, and success strategy recommendations by Peggy Anne Salz, a leading mobile marketer, and the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove.

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The Subscription Model - the state, benefits, and success tips by Peggy Anne Salz (MobileGroove)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • The state of the Subscription Economy
  • Dealing with Subscription fatigue
  • Benefits of Subscriptions 
  • How Subscription Apps can rise above challenges
  • Example of Spotify

More about Peggy Anne Salz 

As the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove — a top 50 ranked destination providing analysis, custom research, and strategic content marketing to the global mobile industry, and mentoring and consulting to tech startups — Peggy Anne Salz is recognized as one of the leading experts shaping the mobile world. 

Peggy is also a nine-time author, a frequent Forbes contributor and guest contributor for a variety of leading media outlets — including Harvard Business Review — where she shares her insights on mobile marketing, mobile apps, customer engagement, and business innovation.

Peggy produces podcasts, videos, webinars, and blogs to equip mobile marketers with best practices and growth strategies to power campaigns, brand storytelling, and user engagement. She is also the Chief Content Officer of MMA Germany.

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00:22 Peggy Ann introduction

01:11 Potential upcoming subscription trends

02:12 Key points about the subscription economy

05:20 Good examples of subscription apps

07:51 How to connect with your customers

10:42 Dealing with subscription fatigue

13:24 What are psychographics?

17:40 What's the power behind value graphics?

20:10 Why are subscriptions so successful?

22:00 Benefits to subscription apps

26:24 Must-haves for subscriptions

28:52 Your brand and retaining subscribers

32:55 Peggy's book recommendations

34:23 Peggy's upcoming book