Breakthrough - Company spotlight: Health and Fitness App Productization Platform with Sunny Dulay
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Breakthrough - Company spotlight: Health and Fitness App Productization Platform with Sunny Dulay

Breakthrough is an app development and management studio helping fitness coaches to productize their activities into an app. The company was founded in 2020 and has been growing exponentially since, delivering apps that hit the bull's eye of subscriber/end-user satisfaction. Breakthrough’s founder Sunny Dulay shares his vision and lessons learned from the world of wellness apps, the company’s founding story, community onboarding tactics, and more.

With his background as a software engineer and app productization expert, Sunny Dulay was inspired by his personal journey with Headspace, a meditation app, and founded an app development and management studio, Breakthrough apps. 

Breakthrough is dedicated to helping fitness coaches to productize their coaching into an app. Since its birth, the company has been growing exponentially, with a one-of-a-kind business model that sets itself apart from app aggregators.

Breakthrough and its clients come together on a mission to productize fitness activities by bringing in complementary assets: coaches bring in their brand and community, and Breakthrough provides the technology and app business know-how.

Breakthrough is a business enablement platform similar to Shopify. Instead of presenting multiple services/coaches in a single place, it provides an infrastructure for coaches to monetize and productize their service within their unshared and exclusively branded digital space.

Listen to hear about

  • The founder’s vision and lessons learned from the world of health and fitness apps
  • How the company was founded and where it is going
  • Tips on how to onboard an existing community onto an app
  • Importance of brand awareness and community

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Company Spotlight: Health and Fitness App Productization Platform, with Sunny Dulay (Breakthough)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • Sunny Dulay's background and introduction
  • Breakthrough Apps founding journey
  • Breakthrough’s business model
  • What Breakthrough looks for when partnering with a new coach/influencer
  • Difference between Breakthrough’s offerings and an aggregator
  • Sunny’s learning from the fitness space
  • Community onboarding tactics

More about Sunny Dulay

Sunny Dulay is the Co-founder and CEO of Breakthrough, an App Builder for Wellness Coaches. He is an experienced software engineer, product manager & sales manager. Based on his personal life-changing experience with a single coach-based app, Sunny is a believer in on-demand personality-based coaching through an app. His mission is to help coaches around the world productize and scale their coaching business with an app. The Breakthrough team helps coaches in wellness niches like Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition & Sports launch & grow their apps. The Breakthrough platform has generated $2M+ for coaching apps. Sunny lives in NYC!

Sunny’s Links

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  2. Stretch App Launched by Breakthrough
  3. Wellness coach and want to launch or grow your app? Get in touch to make your app
  4. Contact Sunny
  5. Sunny’s LinkedIn


00:21 Sunny Dulay background and introduction 

02:40 The journey of founding Breakthrough Apps 

06:36 Breakthrough Apps business model and money flow 

07:31 Do you have examples of similar businesses? 

08:13 Advantages of a brand and community before launching 

10:43 Coaches' communities: engagement and retention 

12:30 Sunny's strategy for the revenue split 

13:28 What criteria are you looking for in coaches? 

15:14 How can you shine compared to an aggregator? 

18:47 Sunny's tactics to connect coaches and their community 

22:10 App store fees vs self-store investment 

24:09 Sunny's learnings fro