Blinkist - Using transparency to increase your conversion rate with Eveline Moczko
Subscription LeagueJune 22, 202200:20:08

Blinkist - Using transparency to increase your conversion rate with Eveline Moczko

Blinkist was an inspiration for the STEPS paywall template of Purchasely. But the app loved by 20 million users offers so many more inspirations for success than its famous paywalls. From A/B testings to transparency, listen to Purchasely’s conversation with Eveline Moczko to glean insights about how the brand increased subscriber conversion.

On the 5th episode of The Subscription League, Olivier Destrebecq and Nicolas Tissier sit down with Eveline Moczko, Head of Product Management at Blinkist, an app offering 15-minute explainers of the most memorable insights from non-fiction books and podcasts. Eveline is passionate about A/B testing and has driven innovation at Blinkist to increase mobile app subscription and retention. 

The episode covers many aspects of working on a subscription app including the impact of different onboarding approaches and trial periods, and how to cope with subscription anxiety. Eveline also talks about how the brand combined big bets and extensive A/B testing to optimize the subscription flow and launch a new content type. 

Eveline explains how being transparent by sending a reminder of a forthcoming charge to users on a free trial can actually increase conversion. She also talks about increasing app engagement, which she describes as the biggest challenge of working with a subscription-model app. 

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For noteworthy quotes and key takeaways from the episode, read the article - Using transparency to increase your conversion rate with Eveline Moczko.

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • Love for A/B testing and its limitations
  • Examples of A/B testings and big bets
  • Simplifying onboarding process
  • How to cope with subscription anxiety
  • Hard paywall vs soft paywall
  • How to achieve long-term habits with users

More about Eveline Moczko

Currently Head of Product Management at Blinkist, the leading destination for lifelong learners, Eveline has been responsible for maximizing conversion and optimizing subscription funnels, playing a key role in growing the app’s user base to 20 million. Prior to joining Blinkist, Eveline launched and managed products in the e-commerce and food delivery space. She’s now dedicated to bringing to life the big vision of inspiring people to keep learning. 

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[00:00 Welcome to the Subscription League

[00:22] Eveline Moczko & Blinkist Background

[01:18] Love for A/B Testing and Limitations

[02:13] How do you measure success without A/B testing?

[03:48] Examples of Proxy Metrics

[04:32] The Impact of A/B Testing & Bigger Bets

[06:41] Things to Avoid with Subscription Flows

[08:37] Impact of Removing the Hard Sign Up

[09:36] How do you adapt the subscription flow to each market today?

[11:55] Addressing Subscription Fear from Users

[14:15] How do you achieve long-time habits with users?

[16:20] How have your personas translated into Blinkist?

[17:58] Which motivation does Tim Cook fall into?

[18:12] The Impact of Apple Features of Blinkist

[19:03] Where to Learn More About Blinkist

[19:38] Thank You for Listening


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