App Masters - How to Monetize Your App: Expert tips from Steve P. Young
Subscription LeagueMarch 10, 202300:29:39

App Masters - How to Monetize Your App: Expert tips from Steve P. Young

Discover top tips for app monetization by expert Steve P. Young. Target 100% paywall views, improve subscription rates, leverage data, and implement a pricing table to boost your app revenue. Learn more tips in this must-listen episode.

App monetization is a hot topic in nearly any industry. While creating an app can be a lucrative business, it can be difficult to stand out and generate revenue with so many apps available. In the Subscription League podcast episode 21, Steve P. Young, an app marketing expert and founder and CEO of App Masters, shared his top tips for app monetization including the followings:

  • target 100% paywall views
  • add the paywall to the onboarding process
  • stop building more features
  • focus on improving the rate of trials to subscriptions
  • carefully consider the length of the app’s trials
  • use data as social proof

For noteworthy quotes and key takeaways from the episode, read the article - 

How to Monetize Your App: Expert tips from Steve P. Young (App Masters)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • The story behind App Masters
  • Steve’s youtube content initiative
  • App monetization tips
  • Why onboarding works and the proofs
  • Why trial works and the proofs
  • Showing a paywall early on to 100% of the users
  • Paywall content tips (long vs short, pricing table)
  • Feature led vs value-led
  • Using data as social proof

More about Steve

Steve P. Young is the founder of App Masters the app marketing agency that helps grow apps faster, better & cheaper.

From top-charting apps to the world’s biggest brands to small indie app startups, App Masters guides you through our successes and failures to ensure that you have a proven framework to ultimately find your success.

He is an author, speaker, and host of the #1 app marketing YouTube channel. He has interviewed the biggest names including the co-founder of Shazam, Crossy Road, Mafia Wars, Color Switch, and more!

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Podcast - App Marketing by App Masters


0:00 Welcome to the Subscription League 

0:21 Steve P. Young introduction and name explanation 

1:13 How Steve founded App Masters 

3:38 App Masters' brand partnerships 

6:31 Steve's advice for CEOs for app monetization 

9:34 What pushed you to get so involved with data? 

11:28 How to incorporate paywalls during onboarding 

13:11 The importance of showing a paywall early 

15:50 What to include in a paywall 

19:52 What is your experience with win-back offers? 

23:20 Is a hard paywall a good idea? 

28:31 Where to learn more about Steve 

29:11 Thank you for listening!