Appic - All about subscription app onboarding with Tobias Boerner
Subscription LeagueDecember 07, 202200:25:08

Appic - All about subscription app onboarding with Tobias Boerner

Should every subscription app have an onboarding? Should they show the first paywall screen during the onboarding? In this episode of Subscription League Podcast, Tobias talks about how well-design onboarding and paywall engagement can help subscription apps create an uplift in conversion and how the Fastic app is mastering the art of long onboarding. Listen to the full episode to steal his onboarding A/B testing tips too!

Tobias Boerner, now Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder of a Luxembourg-based app aggregation company, Appic, has been laying a series of remarkable stepping stones in his career. The most noticeable are his achievements at LOVOO, one of the biggest dating apps in Europe which he made an exit for about $70 million, and Fastic, a five-star intermittent fasting app used by over 26M users worldwide, 92% of whom are happy customers. The Fastic app is also looked upon by many subscription apps and marketers for its exemplary onboarding process and its approach to building users’ trust and satisfaction with consistent delivery of personalized experiences. 

For the Subscription League Podcast episode 15, we sat down with Tobias to discuss the nitty-gritty of how the Fastic app differentiates itself from other fasting apps with its extraordinary onboarding strategy.

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All about subscription app onboarding with Tobias Boerner (Appic)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • What is Fastic app About
  • Fastic app’s onboarding explained
  • What is the ideal onboarding experience
  • Dos and Don’ts for onboarding
  • Onboarding struggles
  • Key numbers to benchmark
  • Paywall or no paywall during the onboarding

More about Tobias Boerner

Tobias is a serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor. His passion is growth, product marketing and UX/UI. In his previous roles as a CMO and Co-Founder of LOVOO, Tobias was part of 2 exits worth 70M$ and 500M$.

After this almost 10-year journey in the dating environment, he started a new chapter as co-founder and growth officer for Fastic and helped them grow into one of the leading brands for well-being. Besides his passion for marketing, Tobi has made it his mission to be ahead of the times in market developments in the tech environment. With Admiral Studio he founded a collective in the NFT & Web3 space. Tobi is the CMO & Co-founder of App Aggregator Appic since 2022 where he is building a powerhouse for global mobile apps.

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00:21 Welcoming Tobias Börner 

00:52 LOVOO: dating app 

01:19 Fastic: fasting and health app 

02:57 investment and benefits 

03:40 Why is there a long onboarding process for Fastic? 

05:39 Purpose of the onboarding categories 

08:02 What is the ideal onboarding experience? 

08:35 Response to very heavy onboarding flow 

09:20 Other apps that inspired Tobias 

09:54 Absolute don'ts for onboarding 

11:28 Advice and tips for onboarding 

12:45 Tobias' main struggles with designing onboarding 

13:55 Onboarding without A/B testing 

14:59 At what point do you not invest much effort anymore? 

16:01 The expected effect of good onboarding 

16:52 What % does good onboarding convert at? 

17:25 The uplifting effect of good onboarding 

19:30 Do you recommend a paywall in onboarding? 

22:21 Did you run into bugs that helped? 

24:01 Counterintuitive learning from Tobias